Fashion in the garden

Bold Looks by Petra Ptackova was on view in the garden of the Embassy of the Czech Republic Washington DC from September 29 to October 15, 2020. 

special event

Fashion Night Ignites 2020

April Postponed| Conrad City Center Washington DC


About the Event

Diplomacy and Fashion invites you to its second annual Fashion Night Ignites, in partnership with the Embassies of Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Mexico, and Ukraine, for an international runway show at the Conrad Washington DC on April 4, 2020, at 7 pm.

The show hopes to inspire designers to bring their creations to Washington and for the city to become an international fashion hub. After the show, guests will enjoy a celebration of the individual countries’ cultures, drink, and cuisine with music by vibe conductor, DJ Stylus.

The event also celebrates the Year of the Woman in connection to the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. Fashion Night Ignites brings awareness to the International Women’s Media Foundation, focused on advancing women’s voices and bringing attention to the critical role of journalists.


PARKING: Valet parking is available.

ATTIRE: Fashion Forward

Guest list is subject to security review.


Embassy of Azerbaijan Unveiling

Aygun Talibova

Augun Talibiva is Azerbaijan fashion designer who quickly garnered her acclaim when her dress won the title The Dress of the Year 2014 in competition in Romania. On that successful debut, she secured participation at 5 international fashion shows around the world, was offered to collaborate with Romanian fashion house in the project Next Model and has since become one of the leading influential forces working in Azerbaijan fashion today.

Aygun’s brand is known for on-trend cuts, luxurious fabrics, gorgeous evening dresses and wide range of products including handbags, belts, shoes and boots.

Embassy of Bahrain Unveiling

Sara Albinmohamed

Ballerina Couture is Sara Albinmohamed’s way of living her dream of being a fashion designer. Since 2012 Sara created high end fashion brand that provides a ready to wear women’s apparel line. The designs have their own rareness, being very modern and bold with international cuts and at the same time it’s traditional with the kind of delicate embroidery work we use called Zari. The Zari work uses a combination of gold and silver threads; likewise the right mixture of the conventional and novel design ideas make Ballerina Couture a distinctive brand.

Embassy of Croatia Unveiling

Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic Maestro

Sylvio  is not your typical designer. Croatian origin, based in NYC, Sylvio brings inspiration from the streets of NYC, makes it art on the runway and puts it back on the streets. 

Sylvio’s dedication to hard work has powered his success. He grew up in a small Croatian town of Budinšćina, completed his architectural studies in Zagreb and moved to the United States in 2000. In Tampa, he graduated from a fashion design school, launched his own brand Maestro Sylvio, and moved to New York where he became one of the biggest names in the global fashion industry today.

Embassy of the Czech Republic Unveiling

Original concept of FNI 2020: Petr Bakoš, Dáda Němeček

Art direction / Set and Light Design / Choreography: Dáda Němeček

Dáda Němeček has created dozens of theater and light performances in the Czech Republic and the world. He has realized 78 theater and scenic shows around the world. In the Czech Republic, he cooperates with leading theaters, such as the National Theater, Dejvicke Theater, Theater on the Balustrade, Theater Archa, dance theater Ponec, and more. He regularly cooperates with directors Petr Forman (son of Miloš Forman) and Jiří Havelka. His set design always puts main emphasis on light design. For the past six years he authors the look of the annual European design show DESIGNBLOK as a set designer and architect (fashion shows, opening and closing shows, displays). Since 2006 he has been teaching light design at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Embassy of Mexico Unveiling

Erica Flores​

Erica’s unique and original clothing stems from her belief that every design has to look natural and fitting to her customer’s needs. This ethos prevails in her wedding collection, with stylish dresses suitable for the beach designed with the character of the bride in mind. Her ‘Dressing with art’ collection includes couture dresses, tops and jewelry featuring Mexican designs embellished with needlework from local artisans, while her sexy swimsuits can be found in almost every hotel in Cancún. Her experiences and Mexican heritage have influenced her fashion for the last 30 years.

Embassy of Ukraine Unveiling

Roksolana Bogutska

Roksolana Bogutska is the most famous Ukrainian fashion designer who owns a clothing brand of the same name. She has presented many collections of pret-a-porter women’s clothing in her country and around the world. Her garments are the favorite choices of First Ladies and celebrities of Ukraine. Roksolana Bogutska’s brand offers a combination of elegant luxury, femininity and bold modern style, blending Ukrainian ethnic motifs and techniques with contemporary fashion trends, and executing her garments in high quality fabrics and materials. Designing and printing her own patterns, using hand made embroidery and knitting has become Roksolana Bogutska’s signature style in the fashion industry.


Advisory Board

With Great Appreciation

Lala Abdurahimova
Shaikha Aisha AlKhalifa
María Aurelia Morales Gelain
Jeyla Bakhshaliyeva
Karel Bohac
Vladyslava Bondarenko
Bryan Bronlowe
Zarah Burstein
Jan Du Plain
Emilia Ferrara
Mary Fetzko
Dionne Joi
Barbara Hawthorn
Petra Kralickova Chudobova
Aksenia Krupenko
Olga Kulibaba
Susan Larsen
Eric Larsen
Iryna Mazur
Fidan Muradzade
Olena Nalivkina
Jiri Novak
Alina Obgolts
Jerome Obry
Andrea Pohl
Lukas Pribyl
Jane Shapiro
Yolanda Stoner
Lorena Tabor
Ljiljana Vidovič
Lukas Vintr
Allyson Waldrep
Mei Xu
Gerald Yulle